Exterior Painting in North DFW

I painted my first exterior in the DFW in 2007, and I was amazed at the difference the new colors brought the house back to life!  It’s the pink house in the pics below that was painted yellow with forest green shutters.  Since then we have performed thousands of hours of exterior painting and carpentry.  We take great pride in our exterior projects, and can’t wait to help you with yours!

Here is our exterior prep and paint process:

  • Power wash home.  For oxidized paint we may have to scrub to remove the filmy white layer.  This process is extremely important for proper adhesion.  For mold and mildew areas proper treatment is administered.
  • Scrape and peeling paint and prime bare wood. Scrape and clean mud dauber nests!
  • Repair or replace any damaged trim or siding.  We prefer to use LP Smart siding but are skilled with James Hardie cement board products.
  • Caulk all areas where caulk is failing, including around windows, with a 55 year paintable caulk.  For the VIP treatment and added protection, we can caulk every wood seam, just ask!
  • Mask off brick, windows, and shingles to prevent overspray.
  • Spray paint with 2 coat coverage.  We love to paint with the best paint, Sherwin Williams Emerald or Duration, but will also use Super Paint.
  • Paint flashing and window lentils.
  • Thorough clean up!
  • Inspection with our lead painter or project manager.

Check out a couple of our past projects: